General FAQ

General Questions

How do I obtain a user name and password for your site?

Simply press the Register link in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the registration page where you can complete the required fields and obtain access to all features of the site.

Why do you require a user name and password in order to access information on the site?

Chem One considers the information protected by password security to be proprietary and confidential. We want to make sure that access is granted to our intended audience.

Some of the documents on this site require Adobe Acrobat Reader. What is this and how do I get it?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software tool available to anyone that gives users the ability to read Acrobat files in Portable Document Format (PDF).  This software tool is available for both the Microsoft and Macintosh operating systems.

To obtain a copy of this software, please see the Adobe web site at and follow the instructions to download the Free Acrobat Reader.

I do not see the exact product and/or specification I am looking for. Are these the only products and specifications you can source?

The products shown on our site are the products that we generally stock. We have sources from all over the world and generally can meet any of your dry chemical needs and/or specifications. Please contact your sales representative or see the Contact Us page on this site in order to speak with someone regarding your specific needs.

I see references to NACD and Responsible Distribution on your site. What do these abbreviations stand for?

Established in 1971, the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) exists to enhance and communicate environmental, health, and safety practices and the professionalism of the chemical distribution industry. NACD represents the vast majority ot chemical distribution companies. The 300-plus members of NACD have established themselves as leaders in health, safety, security, and environmental performance through implementation of the Responsible Distribution, established in 1991 as a condition of membership in NACD. Incorporated as a condition of membership in January 1999, NACD members undergo independent, on-site third party Responsible Distribution Verification. For additional information, visit NACD´s web site – .

Chem One is proud to be a member of NACD and actively participates in its programs to further safety and compliance in the chemical industry.

I haven’t been able to find the information or answer to my question on your site. How do I contact someone for additional information?

Please select Contact Us::Contacts menu bar. This page contains details on who to contact with your specific questions. You can also submit a question via e-mail by selecting Contact Us::Submit a Question. This will send the inquiry to a staff member who will respond to your question or forward it to the appropriate person for resolution.

What is your Product Return Policy?
  1. We do not accept any returns for the full amount of the invoice. It does not reflect the costs to cover monies we have spent to process the transaction and the time value of money. In many cases we have already reordered product for our stock. Acceptance of a return may create an overstock situation for us.
  2. The following items are not eligible for return:Broken packages or dented drums
    Food grade products
    Special order products
    Product shipped greater than 120 days from return request date
  3. Freight charges associated with the return of the product are absorbed by the buyer.
  4. All products that are accepted for return must be sent back to our Houston warehouse so they can be fully inspected and approved for return.
  5. In a case where we do authorize a return of product that is in good condition our restocking fees are as follows:15% on products shipped out within the last 30 days
    25% on products shipped out 30 to 90 days
    50% on products shipped out 90-120 days
  6. Documentation required to authorize a product return:When was the product purchased?
    How much is to be returned?
    Why is it being returned?
    Where has it been stored?
  7. All returns must be authorized by an officer of Chem One Ltd.

(Product Return Policy)


Do you have weekend loading hours?

Chem One will load trucks on weekends to meet customers´ needs under the following guidelines:

  • Request for weekend loading must be made by Friday before 5:00 pm.
  • Only the products requested will be loaded on the weekend.  There will be no products added to the order the day of the pickup.
  • There is a minimum call out charge of four (4) hours to load trucks.
  • The charge for a four (4) hour call out is a minimum of $300.00. Most loadings will be with one person.  Each additional hour over four (4) hours is $100.00 per person.  An estimate of cost will be given to the customer the day the request is made.


(Weekend Loading Policy)

Do you load trucks after normal business hours?

Yes, arrangements can be made for a load to be picked up outside of normal business hours.

Terms are as follows:

1. We must have a contact name and telephone number for both the customer and trucking company so we can reach someone if there are any questions.

2. A $100.00 per hour fee will be assessed.  Charges after the hour are rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes. (i.e. 6:15 is 1½ hours, 6:35 pm is 2 hours).

3. Any order that will require someone to be here later than7:00 pm must be approved.

4. If for any reason the shipment is not picked up as planned the customer will be charged for our time at $100.00 per hour.

(After Hours Loading)

We want to reduce the chances of unintended chemical reactions. Do you have any information available on the products you offer to help us address this safety issue?

Please include in your safety review Safety Data Sheets we provide. These are in the ANSI formatted version and very detailed. Consider downloading software pertaining to reactivity as well. The more you know about this topic the better!