Customer Commitment

Objective:To be the supplier of choice for imported dry chemicals and food additives.
  • Chem One Ltd. wants to build an ongoing relationship with our customer base. Our focus is not on transaction sales. This concept allows us to understand our customers’ business, their needs, and to ensure each sale is based on what is best long-term.


  • Chem One Ltd. is in business to provide customer service that is unmatched in the industry. In order for this to take place we must understand what our customers need and ensure every employee contributes to this core competency.


  • Our products, services, and programs are designed to increase our customers’ revenue or decrease their costs, including product and warehouse inventory costs. We are flexible to make changes to address our customers’ needs.


  • Quality is consistency. Our commitment to being an ISO 9001 certified company allows Chem One Ltd. to meet product and service quality standards that our customers require and expect.


  • We have a strong commitment to compliance issues. It minimizes our risks and our customers’ risks.  This includes DOT, ISO, OSHA, EPA, International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG), Transport of Dangerous Goods, state registrations, labeling, and adherence to NACD Responsible Distribution.
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