Core Products

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Aluminum Sulfate

Chem One is the exclusive supplier for Moliendas Tizayuca and Silicatos Aluminum Sulfate. Chem One carries both standard and iron free product.

Product Applications for Aluminum Sulfate:  Sizing paper, lakes, alums, dyeing mordant foaming agent in fire foams, cloth fireproofing, white leather tonnage, catalyst in manufacturing ethane, ph control in paper industry, waterproofing agent for concrete, clarifier for fats and oils, lubricating compositions, deodorizer and decolorizer in petroleum refining, sewage precipitating agent and for water purification, food additive.


Copper Sulfate

Chem One is the leading supplier of Copper Sulfate for the US market with our extensive lines of Chem One branded products. We are also the exclusive or select distributor for key manufacturers located throughout the world. We store and offer these products at our facilities in Houston, Texas, Laredo, Texas, and Tampa, Florida.

Product Applications for Copper (Cupric) Sulfate Pentahydrate:  Agriculture (soil additive, pesticides, Bordeaux mixture), water treating applications, animal feed additive, germicides, textile mordant, leather industry, pigments, electric batteries, electroplated coatings, copper salts, reagent in analytical chemistry, medicine, wood preservative, preservation of pulp wood and ground pulp, process engraving and lithography, ore flotation, petroleum industry, synthetic rubber, steel manufacture, treatment of natural asphalt’s. The anhydrous salt is used as a dehydrating agent.


Magnesium Chloride

Chem One is your source for K+S North America Magnesium Chloride Prill.

Product Applications for Magnesium Chloride:  Source of magnesium metal, disinfectants, fire extinguishers, fireproofing wood, magnesium oxychloride cement, refrigerating brines, ceramics, cooling drilling tools, textiles (size, dressing and filling of cotton and woolen fabrics, thread lubricant, carbonization of wool), paper manufacture, road dust-laying compounds, ice-melt, floor sweeping compounds, flocculating agent, catalyst.


Potassium Hydroxide

Chem One distributes a wide variety of products, one of our key products is Potassium Hydroxide Briquettes. Potassium Hydroxide Briquettes are used in refining and industrial applications. Chem One also offer Potassium Hydroxide in flake.

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Product Applications for Potassium Hydroxide:  (Caustic Potash) Soap manufacture, bleaching, manufacture of potassium carbonate and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, electrolyte in alkaline storage batteries and some fuel cells, absorbent for carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide,dyestuffs, liquid fertilizers, food additive, herbicides, electroplating, mercerizing, paint removers, reagent, synthetic rubber.


Sodium Formate

Chem One is the exclusive source for MKS Sodium Formate for Industrial applications in the US.

Product Applications for Sodium Formate: Reducing agent, manufacture of formic acid and oxalic acid, organic chemicals, mordant, manufacture of sodium dithionite, complexing agent, analytical reagent (noble metal precipitan), exerts a strong buffering effect when used for neutralizing chrome tanned leather prior to the reran, color and fat-liquor operation, resulting in better grain smoothness, color uniformity and take-up of fat-liquor compounds.


Sodium Sulfide

Chem One is the supplier of Solvay Mexico Sodium Sulfide.

Product Applications for Sodium Sulfide:  Organic chemicals, dyes (sulfur), intermediates, viscose rayon (sulfur removal), leather (depilatory), paper pulp, hydrometallurgy of gold ores, sulfiding oxidized lead & copper ores preparatory to flotation, sheep dips, photographic reagent, engraving & lithography, reagent.


Zinc Sulfate

Chem One carries Zinc Sulfate in granular, mini prill and powdered. We are a select distributor for Zinc National. Chem One’s Zinc Sulfate is OMRI listed. It may be used in certified organic production according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule. Our granular product has consistent spherical shape, no dust, improved solubility and white.

Product Applications for Zinc Sulfate: Rayon manufacture, animal feeds, mordant, wood preservative, fertilizer, water treatment, mineral premixes.