Potassium Permanganate

Oxidizer of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and arsenic; to treat for and control zebra mussels and biofilm in raw water intake lines; to remove color; and as an alternative pre-oxidant to chlorine in a trihalomethane (THM) control program, disinfectant, odor control, bleach, dye, tanning, equipment cleaning, metal surface treatment, purification of gases, radioactive decontamination of skin, reagent in analytical chemistry, medicine (antiseptic), manufacture of organic chemicals, air and water purification (improves taste and odor of water); remove odors caused by blue-green algae; used in oxidizing sulfides and mercaptans.

Product Info

Trade Name/ Synonym: potassium permanganate; chameleon mineral; purple salt; pot perm
Country of Origin: India
Grades: 97% Treated, 98% Untreated, AWWA, NSF

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