Copper Chloride

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Isomerization and cracking catalyst, mordant in dyeing and printing fabrics, disinfectant, pyrotechnics, wood reservation, fungicides, metallurgy, preservation of pulpwood, deodorizing and desulfurizing petroleum distillates, photography, water purification, feed additive, electroplating baths, pigment for glass and ceramics, acrylonitrile manufacturing. A catalyst in polymerization of vinyl chloride and acrylonitrile, a catalyst to convert mercaptans into disulphides, known as sweetening, manufacture of copper phthaocyanine, manufacture of sympathetic and indelible ink, oxidant in the manufacture of aniline dyes, etching of metals, blueing of ferrous metals.

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Trade Name/ Synonym: copper chloride; cupric chloride
Country of Origin: China, India
Grades: Ahnydrous, Dihydrate

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