Calcium Chloride

De-icing and dust control of roads, drilling muds, dustproofing, freezeproofing and thawing coal, coke, stone, sand, ore, concrete conditioning (to give quicker initial set and greater strength), paper and pulp industry, fungicides, refrigeration brines, drying and desiccating agent, sequestrant in foods, firming agent in tomato canning, tire weighting (brine for filling inflatable tires on tractors to increase traction), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics as a emulsifying preservative agent, electrolytic cells, textile, agriculture industries, water treatment, and tanning industry.

Product Info

Trade Name/ Synonym: Calcium dichloride; Calcium chloride anhydrous; CaCl2
Country of Origin: Mexico
Grades: Anhydrous
Granulation:Prilled, Powder

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