Boric Acid

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For weatherproofing wood and fireproofing fabrics; as a preservative; manufacture of cements, crockery, porcelain, enamels, borosilicate (heat resistant) glass, borates, leather, carpets, hats, soaps, artificial gems; in nickel baths; cosmetics; printing and dyeing, painting; photography; for impregnating wicks; electric condensers; hardening steel. Used as insecticide for cockroaches and black carpet beetles, to combat boron deficiency in plants, astringent, antiseptic, glass fibers, metallurgy (welding flux, brazing copper), flame retardant in cellulosic insulation, mattress batting and cotton textile products; fungus control on citrus fruits, to allow talcum powder to flow more freely and as an ingredient of ear drops for the treatment of swimmer´s ear, ointment to help heal skin irritations, eye drops to soothe irritated eyes, hemorrhoid ointment and skin cleansers.

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Trade Name/ Synonym: Boric Acid; Boracic Acid; Boratic Acid; Orthoboric Acid
Country of Origin: Chile
Grades: Industrial
Granulation:Granular, Powder

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