September 2016


The zinc market remains as the one metal that has been bullish. We have held Zinc Suflate prices stable and we are well into our early fill program including extended credit terms. Call for details.

Copper Sulfate prices also remain steady with the metal remaining range bound. Without more demand from China on copper metal the steady price of copper should continue. It’s not unusual for the market to remain flat the second half of the year, before seeing strength as we move into the first quarter of a new year. Certainly economic news, pro or con, can change historical directions. Copper is used in many manufacturing applications and is the key raw material in Copper Sulfate.

As we move well into the second half of the year, it’s a good time to keep inventories low. Call us for all your JIT needs. Product Line 



We will be stocking an additional source of Potassium Hydroxide flake providing a lower cost option.




Manganese Sulfate powder, granular, and prill (Just in time for the fall season.)
Oxalic Acid
Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Sulfamic Acid




Sometimes the most basic of regulatory requirements that Chemical Distributors follow are the ones most frequently citied.  This is especially true of the general requirements of 49 CFR.  Registration and Training top the list with hefty fines.  As a registered offeror (you must register) of hazardous material you must also train your employees.

The definition of a hazmat employee is as follows;

(i) Employed on a full-time, part time, or temporary basis by a hazmat employer and who in the course of such full time, part time or temporary employment directly affects hazardous materials transportation safety;

(ii) Self-employed (including an owner-operator of a motor vehicle, vessel, or aircraft) transporting hazardous materials in commerce who in the course of such self-employment directly affects hazardous materials transportation safety;

(iii) A railroad signalman; or

(iv) A railroad maintenance-of-way employee.

(2) This term includes an individual, employed on a full time, part time, or temporary basis by a hazmat employer, or who is self-employed, who during the course of employment:

(i) Loads, unloads, or handles hazardous materials;

(ii) Designs, manufactures, fabricates, inspects, marks, maintains, reconditions, repairs, or tests a package, container or packaging component that is represented, marked, certified, or sold as qualified for use in transporting hazardous material in commerce.

(iii) Prepares hazardous materials for transportation;

(iv) Is responsible for safety of transporting hazardous materials;

(v) Operates a vehicle used to transport hazardous materials.

Training of a hazmat employee is required within 90 days (not working days) actual days of the employee.   Recurrent training is also required to be provided by a hazmat employer no less than every 3 years.

Check your dates, check your records, and check your calendar otherwise you may be fined if inspected.

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