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Where is the price of copper going? After a day this month when copper dropped the commentary was, “Copper prices weakened as investors took profits after economic data showed a slowing in the Chinese economy and the dollar strengthening”. The next day copper surged and the commentary was, “Copper rebounded as oil reached a three-year high. Copper often moves in tandem with oil”. The point is it’s difficult to predict the movement. Copper has been range bound this year, so it just depends if it’s at the low, high, or somewhere in the middle of that range. There needs to be some catalyst to send it drastically in one direction. The key on our Copper Sulfate is to get orders in so you have the material when you need it. Registered users go to to see specifications on all our copper grades.Zinc prices are at an eleven-year high but stabilized in April. Call for availability of Zinc Sulfate and Zinc Oxide. Other commodities (phosphates) are increasing due to raw material costs.

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Environmental regulations in China and raw material costs are raising commodity prices.


Ammonium Bifluoride
Monsodium Phosphate powder and granular
Potassium Acetate
Sodium Acetate
Sodium Hexametaphophate
Sodium Nitrite up
Sodium Percarbonate
Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous
Sodium Thiosulfate pentahydrate
Sulfamic Acid
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate


Isocyanuric Acid Granular


Until last year the various situations affecting the trucking industry were not as noticeable in the LTL (less than truckload) sector. However, drivers are leaving the industry, The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has estimated there is a shortage of approximately 50,000 drivers at this time and that shortage eventually affects all areas.

The trucking industry as a whole is not attracting younger drivers, and this isn’t helped by the additional electronic logging device changes we are seeing this year. What was once a profitable one day run for a driver is now a not so profitable two day run.

LTL’s are having to entice drivers by better pay, bonuses and other benefits to assist with their retention percentages. What this means for prices is obvious, increases… and they will become better at assessing accessorial charges like detention and driver assists etc. They will and are making changes to remain profitable.

Bottom line is what we have been writing about for months in any situation where you are using a third-party carrier do not expect pricing to be the same as last year and be aware of delays. Plan ahead.


The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) provides duty-free treatment to goods of designated beneficiary countries. The GSP periodically expires and must be renewed by Congress to remain in effect. It expired on December 31, 2017.

It was renewed in the Omnibus Bill passed by congress and signed into law by President Trump on March 22, 2018. It resumed effect April 22, 2018 and provides for retroactive refunds of duties paid as a result of the expiration. Entry summaries properly marked with a preceding “A” before the tariff code and electronically submitted via ABI (Automated Broker Interface) during the lapse period will be refunded about mid July 2018. No further action is required by the filer to initiate the refund process.

During a three-day, three-person audit in April Chem One successfully passed its verification to two new standards ISO 9001:2015 for quality, ISO 14001:2015 for the environment and it also recertified to OHSAS 18001:2007 for safety. We passed with no non-conformances and no observations.

These standards assure you, our customer that we strive to be your preferred supplier and we try to maintain that by the consistency of our products and services. We also are committed to supplying the chemicals we sell and the services we provide responsibly and safely. You can also be assured that we are committed to both the regulatory requirements of the chemicals we sell and the environmental implications.

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