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We had a quiet metals market during April. Copper has been range bound. This has kept Copper Sulfate prices stable.  The supplies of larger sizes have been the issue with demand at peak season.  The sales of larger sizes are seasonal and we are in the period where water treatment needs pick up nationwide.

Zinc metal prices are taking a breather, but demand is also strong with the fertilizer market kicking in. We stock pallets for LTL however truckloads have lead times from Mexico.

The deflationary period in dry inorganic chemicals of 2016 is over. Prices have stabilized and have even increased with freight, raw material costs, and tightening of environmental regulations in China.

Our new Aluminum Sulfate from Turkey is arriving in May. Call for specifications and pricing.

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Manganese Sulfate granular only, no change on powder



Chem One will be Monday May 29th 2017.  We wish all our customers and their families a safe and happy Memorial Day.



At the end of 2016 OSHA updated parts of its workplace safety regulations including walking-working surfaces, slips, trip and falls and fall protection for general industry.  One of the biggest changes was how it affects general industry and office environments and a very specific training date which occurs this month (May 17th)

You must train your employees by this date if they use the systems or equipment or are in any of the work situations listed below;

1. Personal fall protection systems
 Personal fall arrest 
 Travel restraint 
 Positioning devices 

2. Equipment 
 Ladders – stepstools, stepladders, fixed, and mobile ladder stands and platforms 
 Ladder safety systems 
 Portable guardrails 
 Designated areas 
 Safety net systems 
 Rope descent systems 

3. Work situations 
When employees work on an unguarded working side of a platform used in slaughtering facilities and on loading racks, loading docks, or teeming platforms. When employees operate motorized equipment on dockboards not equipped with fall protection.

For a general office environment you can see that a stepstool or ladder is probably the only item that would/could be used.  Also note that if you do use a portable ladder there are comprehensive checks you should do therefore you need to check the requirements for both the continued safety of your employees and per the regulations for compliance.

To read the entire regulations within CFR 29 and updates to these areas mentioned go to;

1910 Subpart D – Walking-Working Surfaces at then read sections 1910.21 through 1910.30

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