March 2017


Copper metal prices reached a two year high sending Copper Sulfate prices higher. A copper mine strike in Chile supported higher prices however traders are taking some profits at these higher levels. With consumer confidence high we would expect copper metal prices to remain elevated. Heading into March the key on Copper Sulfate will be to ensure you have supply. Peak season is around the corner and many customers have been planning ahead. That has pushed out lead times on some grades of Copper Sulfate.

Zinc metal has been on a terror for the last year with prices doubling from January 2016. We have our Zinc Sulfate prices on truckloads held through March with extended credit terms then it’s likely we see an increase and terms returning to normal. March is a great time to purchase.

We have seen an increase in ocean freight rates over the last few months as a result of the Hanjin bankruptcy and added tightness due to Chinese New Year. This comes after a long period of low level rates.  Rates have moved back into what could be considered a midrange level.  Pressure will continue upward and it remains to be seen if the upward moves will be minimal or larger. This will be a monthly push for increases at least through June and will of course be what the market will bear.  Some relief of pressure will come from the increase of exports from the US.  Rates for product leaving the US has traditionally been very low with steamship lines needing to simply get containers back to Asia to refill and send back to the US.  Export rates are up and as a result providing more income to the lines.



It appears the price deflation we saw on inorganic products has ended with prices stabilizing. The minor price increases we have are the result of ocean freight and some increases in raw materials.


Oxalic Acid
Sulfamic Acid
Zinc Oxide




Last month we went live with our new and immensely improved website  Users will find ease of use especially if using tablets and smart phones.  Information is not only easier to find but also easier to read.

To get the best benefits from our new site you must be a registered user that allows you access to the new “Customer Portal”, once logged into this area you will have access to our product catalog, frequently used documents including our copper sulfate labels and certificates. This area also has access to our most recent newsletter and archived news.  You can also find a myriad of information in our Technical FAQ’s.

Any and all feedback is welcomed as we really do view this as your tool not ours we want to grow and expand on this website for your future needs.



Chem One is the leading supplier of Copper Sulfate for the US market, the Chem One branded product is available in many grades for various uses.  Knowing the use of the EPA labeled product is very important when purchasing from us.  The EPA requires the correctly labeled product to be used and there are heavy fines associated with using a pesticide product in a bag that is labeled for a different use.

We have three different labels EUP (End Use Pesticide), MUP (Manufacturing Use Pesticide) and Non-Pesticide.

EUP – End Use Pesticide uses include NSF drinking water treatment, algaecide in ponds and lakes, irrigation canals, rice fields, Bordeaux mixture fungicides, and root control in sewers.

MUP – Manufacturing Use Pesticide is for pesticide formulators and repacking under a different EPA label than the Chem One label.

Non-Pesticide uses include fertilizer, animal feed, cattle foot baths, electroplating and colorants.

When placing your order make sure our sales team know your use, make sure you ask your customers what their use is. As the leading supplier of this product we are very familiar with the regulations surrounding it and can assist you with any questions you may have.

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