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Copper metal has remained stable keeping Copper Sulfate prices stable. The supply level of pure copper has declined, but low industrial demand for copper has offset the supply situation resulting in no change in our raw material cost for Copper Sulfate. Anything can happen, but we don’t see much change in the third quarter.

Zinc metal prices have eased and that directly impacts Zinc Oxide pricing. Zinc Sulfate has much less impact due to the lower zinc level and also Zinc Sulfate didn’t see the large increases when the raw material spiked. The decision was made to ride out higher raw material costs with anticipation they would come back down whereas due to the high level of zinc in Zinc Oxide we saw at least monthly changes in prices.

On June 2, 2017 an Antidumping and Countervailing investigation into Citric Acid and certain citrate salts opened regarding imports from Belgium, Columbia and Thailand. We have heard that the action cannot conclude damage to the US market and will fail, that this action ultimately eliminates all import options and the domestic producers cannot make enough to supply the US demand. Also importers are not underselling or selling at less than cost or fair value.  Another opinion is that domestic producers do not normally start an action unless they think they have a strong chance of success.  We should know the conclusion within 90 days and perhaps as early as end of July.

Chem One will be closed July 4th we will be open on Monday July 3rd.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Independence Day.

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Ammonium Bifluoride- Plant closings in China due to environmental restrictions are sending ABF prices soaring. In addition, raw material costs are up.

Citric Acid- Price moving up as a result of supply issues due to the anti-dumping review. They likely will continue to rise.


Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate Flake. We also have Prill however Flake is now $40 per ton less than Prill


We wrote an article in last month’s newsletter about freight issues in the southern regions of the United States due to “Produce Season”.  As a reminder this increased demand and tightened capacity and ultimate price hikes does tend to end during July.  Things should be back to normal with a loosening up of capacity and rates returning to normal late July and most definitely by August.



The EPA’s final Toxic Substances Chemical Act (TSCA) inventory reset rule which requires a “look back” reporting rule of 10 years is one that will need your attention.  As you are all aware the original inventory was compiled in 1979 and in 2016 TSCA was amended to require the EPA to compile and maintain a list (the chemical inventory list) of all chemical substances manufactured, imported or processed in the United Sates, and to establish the process by which manufacturers, importers and processors provide the information needed to update the list.  

This retroactive reporting obligation may affect some of you that report and will not be an easy or quick task and a good understanding of the changes will be essential to accurate reporting.  It may also shed light on past reporting violations and chemicals that have been overlooked.  Anyone who is required to do the retrospective reporting will do so on imported or manufactured chemical substances between June 21st 2006 and June 21st 2016. 

Reporting is generally required on any chemical but there are some important exemptions that many of you may fall under, there are many requirements also. Now is the time to start researching the regulation changes, compiling, and checking past years reports.  For most of you that report under TSCA and fall into the retrospective reporting requirements this will have to be completed by December 22, 2017. 

Click here for your starting place for any interaction with the EPA in regard to The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

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