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Copper has risen over 25% since last year at this time. Further strengthening could occur. The first quarter tends to see prices rising as manufacturing causes demand for copper metal to increase. This has actually happened as we close out December. Add in tax reform and economic sentiment could push prices even higher. This would send Copper Sulfate prices higher. It’s best to consider ordering early.

Zinc metal has also risen over 25% since last year at this time. Demand is high and supply has been tight. This has sent Zinc Sulfate prices to higher levels. Chinese Zinc Sulfate prices have increased substantially causing significant demand for other sources. Our Zinc Sulfate partner is in Mexico. We have high quality, short lead times, and competitive prices.

Other commodities increasing are a direct result of environmental regulations in China and annual pricing of some products. Some plants have closed, others are in the process of relocating, some temporarily cut production, and almost all have increased costs of compliance.

We will be closed Monday January 1st in observance of New Year’s Day.  Thank you for your business. We are very grateful for our customers. We wish you a great holiday and prosperous 2018!

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Sodium Nitrite
Sodium Percarbonate
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Sodium Tripolyphosphate





In last month’s regulatory section in this newsletter we updated you on the new ELD regulation that as of December 10th is very much a part of a distributor’s life.  You may still be asking yourself why? The answer to that is already becoming very apparent, this month we have seen a significant decrease in capacity and an increase in prices.

When asking both asset carriers and freight brokers why? The answer is the same.  The ELD mandate decreases the capacity due to the hours of service information it captures (right or wrong up to now things were not as transparent as they are now on hours).  The additional cost of equipment and time on the road increases costs.  Its simple this is a reality of trucking today and in the future. 

Plan on increased freight cost, plan on less capacity, plan on longer delivery times and most of all you should be planning ahead on your inventory.  Don’t get caught short you will pay to get that product when you need it without good lead-times.

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