Newsletter – February 2018

January 2018

Newsletter – February 2018

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Chem One Ltd February 2018

The year starts off with high carrier freight rates and a shortage of trucks to cover loads. This has been reported recently as ELD kicks in. The higher freight rates are real and likely here to stay. We remain willing and able to book freight for you, but you should also consider checking freight options. American Trucker Article

There’s no end in sight for zinc metal prices. Zinc metal is up almost 5% since January 1, but also 35% since January 2017 and over double the price January 2016! That has sent Zinc Oxide to prices we haven’t seen in years. Zinc Sulfate is very tight however we have a quality supply of granular, powder, and prill. We can fill truckload and pallet needs however it’s best to communicate your needs early.

Copper metal has had a big runup to close out 2017 and today’s level is 30% higher than one year ago. Lately it has been trading in a range giving our Copper Sulfate some price stability. The season will be here shortly so plan early to minimize lead times and purchase while prices are stable.

Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) is the largest and oldest U.S. trade preference program. Established by the Trade Act of 1974, GSP promotes economic development by eliminating duties on thousands of products when imported from one of 120 designated beneficiary countries and territories.

The program must be renewed periodically to continue and the last expiration date was Dec 31, 2017. That date came and went without renewal. Therefore, tariffs must be added to the cost of imports from affected counties on affected products.

Products affected that are handled by Chem One are Citric Acid from Thailand, Sulfamic Acid from Indonesia, Sodium Hexametaphosphate from Kazakhstan, Sodium Sulfite from Thailand, Sodium Formate from Turkey and Sodium Nitrite from India. We look forward to the US Government renewing this program.

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Some of the increases are annual for 2018 while others are due to raw material costs, freight, and environmental costs. Call for details.

Ammonium Bifluoride
Ferrous Sulfate
Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate
Monosodium Phosphate granular
Monosodium Phosphate powder
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Erythorbate
Sodium Formate
Sodium Nitrite
Sodium Metabisulfite
Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Zinc Sulfate





OSHA 300 reporting is now available online for those that are required to report.

Establishments with 20-249 employees in certain high-risk industries must submit information from their 2017 Form 300A by July 1, 2018. Beginning in 2019 and every year thereafter, the information must be submitted by March 2.

Chem One just submitted its electronic submission and this year marks a very significant year for us; we have reached 10 years with no reportable injuries or illnesses.  This is a safety milestone we have been working towards using our BS OHSAS 18001 certification to enable us to increase our safety programs and make safety is an absolute priority in everything we do.

You can rest assured when purchasing from us that everything about our products are based on a foundation of risk management, that include safety, regulatory compliance and consistency of quality products and services.

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