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We are bringing in an additional source of Aluminum Sulfate. We currently have the following:

  • Aluminum Sulfate Standard and Iron Free Granular from Mexico. These are our original products.
  • Aluminum Sulfate Fine Crystal (used as Iron Free or Standard) from Mexico. Some customers were looking for a lower priced product that could be used in a Standard or Iron Free application. For those customers we stock a Fine Crystal where particle size isn’t important. Other customers were looking for the same lower price, but couldn’t use a Fine Crystal. For them we now have another option.
  • Aluminum Sulfate Granular (Standard) from Turkey. This product is at a lower cost than our regular Granular.  Call your Sales Representative and see which source is best for you.


Each month last year we were announcing price decreases. We were clearly in a deflationary market on dry inorganic chemicals. This year we’ve seen prices stabilize however prices from China are rising. The biggest driver of price increases in China is the government’s new policy on environmental controls. The main initiatives leading to the increases are:

  1. Widespread plant shutdowns during government environmental inspections.
  2. Reduction of capacity with permanent plant closures for those plants that couldn’t comply with the new policies. Also for plants in China that use raw materials from other Chinese plants that limits their inputs raising prices of finished goods.

Certainly not all of our products are made in China so this will not impact all of our products. In fact, the majority of our products aren’t Chinese. We made that decision years ago primarily due to quality and logistics.

The copper market has been trading between a range at two and half year highs. We don’t expect much fluctuation in Copper Sulfate prices for April. The trend on Zinc metal has been up for the last fourteen months and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Chem One generally aligns its holidays with our larger distributors.  This year we found that the majority of them are open on April 14th (Good Friday), therefore Chem One will be open to take your orders.

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Zinc Sulfate granular, powder, and mini prill





We wrote last month about one of our key products Copper Sulfate and its unique labeling and use requirements.  We will continue with that topic but this time we will focus on its unique shipping requirements.

Copper Sulfate is a class 9 product and in 50lb bags is excepted (not included) from the hazmat endorsement requirements in the Federal Motor Carrier Standards Rules (FMCSR’s).

In accordance with 49 CFR 383.93, a hazmat endorsement is required on a CDL if transporting a
hazardous material as defined in 49 CFR 383.5. Section 49 CFR 383.5 defines a hazardous
material as one that is required to be placarded under subpart F of 49 CFR part 172.

49 CFR 172.504(f)(9) excepts (does not include)  Class 9 material from placarding in domestic transportation in Non‐Bulk Packages. (50lb bags)

Therefore a placard is not required and a driver does not need a hazmat endorsement on his
license per the Department of Transportation. See 49 CFR 172.504 (f) (9) Copper Sulfate in Bulk Bags requires HazMat endorsement and placarding.

As explained below Class 9 Product has to be marked on the freight container with a class 9
placard (used as a marking) or an Orange Panel 3077 marking even though no placard is required nor a HazMat endorsed driver.

freight container containing only a single hazardous material in non‐bulk packages must be
marked, on each side and each end as, with the identification number specified for the
hazardous material, subject to the following provisions and limitations:

  • Each package is marked with the same proper shipping name and identification number
  • The aggregate gross weight of the hazardous material is 4,000 kg (8,820 pounds) or more
  • All of the hazardous material is loaded at one loading facility
  • The transport vehicle or freight container contains no other material, hazardous or otherwise.


See 49 CFR 172.301 General Marking requirements for nonbulk packaging.

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