Sodium Metabisulfite


Sodium Metabisulfite

Trade Name/ Synonym:

sodium metabisulfite; disodium pyrophosphite; sodium bisulfite

Country of Origin:

Germany, Thailand

SMBSFCCTS50L40 - Thailand SMBSFCCGO25K49 - Germany SMBSFCCCN50L42 - USA SDS Sodium Metabisulfite

Component in redox catalysts used in polymerization; treatment of water and wastewater (oxygen scavenging, dechlorination, treatment of chromium waste liquors); manufacture of suffactants; photography, in formulation of developers and fixers; manufacture of cornstarch, high-fructose corn syrup and oxidized starches; beverage and food uses; manufacture of flavors, fragrances and medicinals; vegetable tanning; purification of molybdenite ores; dye manufacture; manufacture of textiles and pulp and paper; antioxidant and preservative for processed nuts and vegetables; preservative for shrimp; a source of Sulphur Dioxide particularly in applications where the handling of liquefied gas is inconvenient; for preservation and sterilization purposes, also refining of sugar; sterilization in the fermentation processes; a colour stripper and anti-chlor; in tanning as an acidifying agent, a solubilising agent for tannins and as an agent in reducing chrome liquors; an ore flotation aid; effluent treatment; to reduce chromium salts to render them suitable for precipitation using lime; a process chemical in the manufacture of sulphosuccinates and sodium formaldehyde bisulphite; a latex anti-coagulant; drug manufacturing.

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