Sodium Bicarbonate



Sodium Bicarbonate

Trade Name/ Synonym:

sodium bicarbonate; baking soda; bicarbonate of soda

Country of Origin:

Mexico, USA

SBCARINSJT50L49 - USA SBCAR1NSJT50L49 - USA SBCAR5NSJT50L49 - USA SBCARINVO50L56 - Mexico SDS Sodium Bicarbonate

Manufacture of effervescent salts and beverages, artificial mineral water, water treatment, baking powder; other sodium salts, pharmaceuticals, sponge rubber, gold and platinum plating, treating wool and silk, fire extinguishers, oil well drilling mud, prevention of timber mold, cleaning preparations, lab reagent, antacid, mouthwash; animal feed. It is a source of carbon dioxide, paper industry, environmental technologies. It is also used as a systemic and urinary alkalyzer for human and veterinary purposes. In veterinary medicine, it is also used locally for burns and erythema, and to dissolve mucus, exudates and scabs. It is used to soften and remove ear wax, as an eye lotion, to clean contact lenses, as a vaginal douche and to treat metabolic acidosis caused by cardiac arrest.

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